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Paysages Torquay - AILS Séjours linguistiques
Paysages Torquay - AILS Séjours linguistiques

Torquay Language Stay: Learn English in England

Our Language Courses in Torquay: Total Immersion in English

There's nothing like a language stay to truly learn a language. It's even better if this stay takes place in one of the liveliest seaside resorts on the English Riviera.

Learn English

Torquay is located in the south of England, along the English Channel. It's one of the towns on the English Riviera, and its mild climate, warmed by Atlantic currents, makes it a prime destination. Here, you can enjoy strolling amidst exotic vegetation like aloe vera, magnolias, camellias, and even fig trees. You'll discover breathtaking seascapes and expansive sandy beaches. This bustling seaside resort is the perfect place to take English courses with AILS.

Torquay and its Region

Taking English courses in this town means immersing yourself in English culture while enjoying the mild climate. It's an opportunity to truly speak English while exploring the Yacht Club or the magnificent Beacon Cove beach at the foot of the cliffs. A language stay in this town allows you to visit the largest Paleolithic site in Great Britain, the enormous Kent's Cavern. The town has served as a backdrop for numerous films, and it's the birthplace of Agatha Christie. Therefore, it's an ideal destination for both students and adults looking to improve their English language skills.

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