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Paysages Florence - AILS Séjours linguistiques
Paysages Florence - AILS Séjours linguistiques

Language Trip to Florence: Learning Italian in Italy

Our Language Courses in Florence: Total Immersion in Italian

Take Florence for what it is: one of the phenomena of history. Few nations, and even fewer cities, can boast such an outpouring of talent - literary, artistic, and political - concentrated in just three centuries. At every corner of Florence, churches and museums display the wealth of the Renaissance. Look up and admire the imposing mass of medieval "palazzi" fortresses, residences, and palaces. Their names come directly from the city's history: Strozzi, Pazzi, Salviati, Medici. Florence is much more than a museum city, and its palaces, churches, and artworks are not dusty relics. People live, work, and pray there, and today's Florentines are deeply attached to their city. During a language trip to Florence, Italian will come to life, and learning it will become easier and more exciting.

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