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Language Stay in Auckland: Learning English in New Zealand

Our Language Courses in Auckland: Total Immersion in English

Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea, the city of Auckland boasts a typical South Pacific island atmosphere: sunshine, sandy beaches, and subtropical vegetation. With its one and a half million inhabitants, Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. Being a modern city, it features a thriving urban landscape, a lively waterfront, and a multitude of new restaurants and bars. Auckland has become a mecca for nightlife, brimming with energy and cheerfulness. You'll discover sun-soaked and wave-kissed beaches, spots for picnicking with a view of the sea, and wild forests to commune with nature. Auckland offers you the opportunity to relax and learn English in New Zealand's most dynamic city. Kiwis are very welcoming and have preserved their Maori culture as part of their heritage.

Get to Know Auckland a Bit Better

A language stay in Auckland is an opportunity to meet the 1.2 million inhabitants, a majority of whom are of European origin. The city's history has fostered a certain cosmopolitanism between Maori culture and Asian and Polynesian influences. The isthmus was inhabited by Maori peoples in 1350 before being colonized by Europeans, with the region coming under British rule in 1840. Cultural diversity symbolizes the local cuisine, which draws inspiration from cuisines around the world, emphasizing seafood, meats, and wines.

Traveler's Guide to Auckland

Learning English in Auckland means enjoying the thousand treasures of this territory, starting with the splendid bay that hosts numerous regattas like the famous America's Cup. Head to the port and marina to savor a coffee on a terrace. Try your hand at sailing to observe Auckland from the sea. The beaches of Mission Bay or Karekare are perfect for sunbathing. Step into the Auckland Art Gallery and plan a picnic in one of the city's many parks. For shopping, prioritize the Queen Street and Newmarket neighborhoods.

Auckland in Practice

To start your English language study stay in Auckland, you will need to be patient for 25 to 30 hours, which is the duration of the journey from Europe to the international airport of New Zealand. On-site, public transportation is limited, although the bus network serves the city well. The cost of living is high due to insularity and the import costs of products and goods. For dining and going out in Auckland, head to the city center around the main artery of Queen Street. Gaming enthusiasts can visit one of the many casinos in the Sky Tower area.

On a Language Trip in Auckland


1.65 million residents


Urban, Seaside, Woods

Flight Time

27 H 30


Auckland is located on the North Island of New Zealand, where it is the largest city with a population of 1.65 million inhabitants. The city is nestled on the eponymous volcanic plateau, on the isthmus that connects the Northland Peninsula to the rest of the island between the Tamaki River and the Mangere Inlet, as well as the natural harbors of Waitemata to the north and Manukau to the south. The Auckland region enjoys a particularly mild oceanic climate, with warm and humid summers and mild but quite rainy winters. It is also one of the sunniest regions in New Zealand.

History & Culture

Initially inhabited by the Maori people who settled here in 1350, the introduction of firearms into their villages led to numerous inter-tribal wars, facilitating the European colonization of the Auckland region, which would later become the capital of the province of the same name until 1876, when the New Zealand provincial system was abolished. The city's population growth began in 1860 with the construction of roads to the South Island and was further stimulated by the arrival of the railway in the early 19th century. Thanks to its numerous ports, natural or otherwise, facilitating maritime trade, including international trade, the city quickly became the economic capital of New Zealand, a status it still holds today.

Things to Do / Places to See

Enjoy a stroll along Viaduct Harbour to explore the marina and the port, a welcoming area where you can have coffee on a terrace with a view of the ocean. You can also rent a sailboat or take a cruise in the bay with its unforgettable panorama, which you can also admire from the top of the Ferry Building or the Sky Tower, which also serves as a casino! Bask in the sun on splendid beaches like Karekare, Mission Bay, or Kohimarama, and visit the picturesque village of Devonport. For lively evenings, know that the center of Auckland is filled with trendy clubs and nightclubs, especially around Queen Street. As for shopping, New Market and Parnell have numerous shopping centers and quaint boutiques.

Practical Information About the City

Although the city does not have an extensive public transportation network, you will find enough buses to get around, especially in the city center, and renting a vehicle is a convenient way to have greater autonomy. Cycling is also an option, allowing you to enjoy the unique environment of New Zealand even more. The cost of living in Auckland is also equivalent to that of Paris, slightly cheaper than in major Swiss cities like Geneva.

Auckland Tourism Office:
Atrium, SkyCity, Cnr Victoria & Federal Streets, Auckland City.
Phone: 0800 282 552.

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