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Paysages Lisbonne - AILS Séjours linguistiques
Paysages Lisbonne - AILS Séjours linguistiques

Linguistic stay in Lisbon: Learning Portuguese in Portugal

Our language courses in Lisbon: Total immersion in Portuguese

Built on seven hills, Lisbon resembles a Rome of Portugal. It attracts students and adults who want to learn Portuguese during a language stay. Overlooking the Tagus estuary, the city was the starting point for all expeditions to the distant lands of Africa, Asia, and America since the 15th century. However, Lisbon has managed to remain authentic while representing the modern face of Portugal.

A magnificent city organized into community neighborhoods, it offers a real diversity rarely found elsewhere. Each "bairro" will make you travel: Alfama is surely the most historic neighborhood in Lisbon. You will immerse yourself in a pronounced medieval spirit and find incredible viewpoints of the city.

Bairro Alto is the most famous neighborhood. The nightlife is very vibrant. Along the streets cherished by young Lisboans, you can taste the local beer: pretinha. Finally, the Campo de Ourique neighborhood regularly comes alive thanks to its famous covered market, where all passersby call out and greet each other. You will have no difficulty getting in touch with the locals, practicing your Portuguese lessons, and being surprised by the Lusitanian warmth.

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