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Linguistic Stay in Seoul: Learning Spanish in South Korea

Our Language Courses in Seoul: Total Immersion in Korean

But what drives more and more students and adults to embark on a linguistic stay in Seoul? As the capital of South Korea, Seoul enjoys great popularity among enthusiasts of the "Land of the Morning Calm" in both cultural and business aspects. It's worth mentioning that the more developed of the two Koreas is now one of the world's leading economic powers, with cutting-edge industries in automotive, textile, and electronics. It's understandable, therefore, that an increasing number of people aspire to master the Korean language by participating in a linguistic stay at one of the numerous language institutes that Seoul houses.

With a population of 10 million within the city limits and 25 million in the entire metropolitan area, including Incheon, on a total estimated Korean population of nearly 50 million, one can grasp the significance of Seoul in the southernmost part of the Korean Peninsula. Positioned between the three regional giants—Russia, Japan, and its massive neighbor China—Seoul has patiently awaited its moment in history to rise to the level of prominent nations on the planet. The two-thousand-year-old city was founded at the foot of a mountain and along the Han River. It experiences a predominantly humid continental climate throughout the year. With over a hundred museums, numerous universities, and sports facilities (Seoul hosted the Olympics in 1988, and South Korea hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2002), Seoul welcomes millions of tourists, students, and businessmen each year. Few cities in the world blend ancient traditions and modernity as seamlessly within their borders. Engaging in a linguistic stay in Seoul also entails immersing oneself in a little-known and astonishing Korean culture.

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