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Language Stay in Byron Bay: Learn English in Australia

Our Language Courses in Byron Bay: Total Immersion in English

Byron Bay, the easternmost town in Australia, is best known as the hometown of the famous Crocodile Dundee. The 1960s atmosphere contrasting with the ultra-modern surf shops gives Byron Bay a unique and special vibe. Here, nature reigns supreme, with deserted beaches and national parks offering countless opportunities for strolls and exploration. Don't miss the famous Byron Bay Lighthouse, perched on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean; the view from there is breathtaking.

Once the night falls, the many bars, often featuring live music, fill up with young Australians from all corners of the country who come to immerse themselves, even if just for a few days, in the hippie atmosphere reminiscent of their parents' era. Your language stay will be enriched by the different encounters you'll have during your journey, which will help you improve your English.

On a linguistic journey in Byron Bay


4,980 inhabitants



Flight time

33 hours and 50 minutes from Geneva


The town of Byron Bay is the easternmost city in Australia. It is located in the northeast of the New South Wales Province, 800 km north of Sydney, the country's economic capital, and 200 km south of Brisbane. During your English language study trip in Byron Bay, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent sandy beaches that attract many tourists. The landscape is characterized by the imposing Byron Bay Lighthouse, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The climate is particularly pleasant, with almost constant sunshine and ideal temperatures for swimming.

History & Culture

Coming to take English language courses in Byron Bay means enjoying the landscapes, but also immersing yourself in a relaxed atmosphere. This tourist destination became known in the 1970s and quickly gained popularity, especially among hippie communities, thanks to its vast beaches and waves that surfers quickly want to conquer. The hippie movement has now given way to a vibrant cultural and artistic scene, with renowned music festivals such as the Roots Music Festival and East Coast Blues. In an extraordinary environmental setting, surfing is undoubtedly the activity to try during your language study trip in Byron Bay.

Things to Do / Places to See

During your language study trip in Byron Bay, don't hesitate to explore the trails of the Arawak National Park to encounter exceptional wildlife and flora. Wake up early to admire the sunrise over the ocean from Cape Byron and, between May and November, you may even catch a glimpse of some humpback whales. Challenge the legendary waves of Wategos and Main Beach by surfing or kayaking. Experience the thrill of paragliding or enjoy the tranquility of a horse ride on the beach. Finally, treat your taste buds to exotic delights while strolling through the monthly market.

The City in Practice

Air transportation is essential to reach Byron Bay for a language study trip from Europe and France. The journey is long and usually involves two layovers, with the closest international airport being Brisbane. Once you arrive, transportation within Byron Bay is mainly done by bus, especially since the town is located just 6 km off the Pacific Highway. The cost of living remains high due to imports, although affordable accommodations are available. When it comes to shopping, you'll find a selection of shops dedicated to beach and diving gear, as well as fast-food restaurants and takeaways at very reasonable prices.

Byron Bay Tourism Office:

Old Stationmaster's Cottage, 80 Jonson Street, Byron Bay
Tel (Country code): +61 2 6680 8558

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