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Paysages Moscou - AILS Séjours linguistiques

Language Study Abroad in Moscow: Learn Russian in Russia

Our Language Courses in Moscow: Total Immersion in Russian

Moscow has a rich historical past: as early as the 11th century, settlers established themselves in the region around the Kremlin. It was in 1147 that Moscow was founded by Yuri Dolgoruki, the Prince of Suzdal. Having been burned, invaded, and rebuilt several times, the city has developed over the centuries to become the political and economic center of Russia today. With nearly 11 million inhabitants, Moscow is the largest city in Europe. It is often referred to as the New York of Russia, as the city never sleeps and everything seems possible here. Once a collapsed world empire, it is now an enticing blend of Europeans and Asians, making your language study abroad experience captivating.

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