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Language Study Trip to Boston: Learn English in the United States

Our Language Courses in Boston: Total Immersion in English

Boston was one of the first colonies to rebel against British rule with the Boston Tea Party, making it a key location in the birth of the USA. In this city, known as the birthplace of liberty, each neighborhood carries the traces of the founding events of this great nation.

Today, Boston combines its glorious past with the modernity of high-tech companies and the excellence of renowned universities such as MIT and Boston University (BU). With its history of famous Americans such as Benjamin Franklin, John F. Kennedy, and Edward Norton, it is an ideal choice for learning English during a language study trip to the USA.

Activities in Boston

The Freedom Trail

Painted in red along a route of approximately 5 kilometers, this trail is the best way to explore Boston through 16 historic and iconic landmarks of the city, such as the building where the American Constitution was signed and Paul Revere's house, who alerted the colonists of the approaching British troops. This trail promises a journey back to the past, to the time when the United States gained independence.

The John F. Kennedy Library & Museum

The building, designed by architect Ieoh Ming Pei, is a true work of art. However, it is best known for housing the correspondence of the 35th President of the United States, who was assassinated in Dallas in 1963. Telling the story of J.F. Kennedy's life as well as the American political system as a whole, it is one of the key places in Boston to better understand the American way of life.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

This is one of the most elegant buildings in the city. Donated by a wealthy Bostonian after whom it is named, it houses numerous internationally renowned artworks by several great painters such as Delacroix, James Whistler, and Turner. Art lovers will be captivated by the splendor of this personal collection, as well as by the entire space designed by Isabella Stewart Gardner herself.

The Boston Duck Tours

A fun way to visit notable spots in Boston, this company allows you to choose your mode of transportation that will take you on land and water through a route filled with discoveries. You will have the opportunity to cruise along the Charles River for a magnificent view of Boston and see the TD Garden, where the Boston Celtics play.

Your language trip to Boston


636 500 inhabitants


Seaside, Forests

Flight time

9 hours 50 minutes from Geneva


Boston is located on the northeastern Atlantic coast of the United States in Massachusetts and serves as the northern limit of the "BosNYWash" megalopolis, which refers to the urban area along the Boston/New York/Washington axis. Boston is divided into 28 neighborhoods, including artificial landfills bordered by the Massachusetts Bay to the east, Beacon Hill to the north, and the Neponset River to the south. The region experiences a temperate eastern coastal climate with significant temperature variations between seasons: hot and sunny summers that often extend into September or even October, known as "Indian summers," and cold, windy, and often snowy winters.

History & Culture

Inhabited by the Algonquin Native American people before the colonization of the New World, Boston was founded in 1630 and named after the city in Lincolnshire, England, where its founders were born. As early as 1636, Harvard College was established in Boston, which contributed to its reputation as the intellectual capital of New England and a major global intellectual city, a reputation it still holds today. It also played a pivotal role during the American Revolution, rebelling against British rule on multiple occasions. Today, this rich cultural heritage and strong historical background continue to shape the city's unique character and influence its universities and events.

Things to Do / See

Rent a boat or take the Harbor Express ferry from Long Wharf to explore the islands in Boston Bay: Georges Island, with its ancient abandoned fort and breathtaking views; Spectacle Island, with its marina and 8km of walking, biking, and horseback riding trails; or Lovells Island, where you can observe wild rabbits hopping around. You can also visit Little Brewster Island to admire the majestic Boston Light, the oldest lighthouse in the U.S.A. In between English classes, relax in the Charles River Esplanade in the heart of the city or walk in the footsteps of American heroes on the Freedom Trail, which takes you to 16 iconic sites related to the Revolutionary War.

City in Practice

A preferred mode of transportation for Bostonians is the bike-sharing system provided by the city of Boston. You can explore the city from various angles by using the nearly 300km of bike paths available. For those who prefer less active options, the city has a comprehensive network of subways, buses, and ferries. The cost of living in Boston is reasonable, with an average meal for two in a mid-range restaurant costing around 45 CHF. There are shopping centers located both near and within the city, as well as numerous boutiques, particularly in the Back Bay area and on Newbury Street.

Boston Visitor Information Center:
Boston Mayor, 1 City Hall Square, Boston MA 02109, U.S.A.
Phone: +1 617 635 4500

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