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An Iconic City

A language stay in New York is a dream for many travelers. This city that never sleeps offers an unforgettable experience with its imposing skyscrapers, bustling streets, and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Whether you're fascinated by the lights of Times Square, the shops on Fifth Avenue, or the Broadway shows, New York will undoubtedly impress you.

In addition to the famous tourist attractions, New York also has unique neighborhoods that reflect its cultural diversity. You can stroll through the historic Greenwich Village, explore the art galleries of Chelsea, soak up the artistic atmosphere of Brooklyn, or experience the vitality of Harlem.

Alongside its incredible cultural heritage, New York offers a multitude of opportunities to improve your English. You can practice the language daily by interacting with locals, visiting museums, and participating in cultural activities. This total immersion will allow you to make rapid progress and have an enriching language experience.

Shopping in NYC

You can't leave New York without spending an afternoon exploring the city's renowned streets to find the latest fashion trends. From luxury stores on Madison Avenue, Lexington Avenue, and 5th Avenue to the more modest flea markets of Century 21 and Chelsea in Lower Manhattan, the options are endless.

New neighborhoods have become must-visit destinations for fashionistas worldwide. The Meatpacking District showcases top designers like Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen, while SoHo and NoLIta offer avant-garde styles in small boutiques. Indulge in a shopping spree or immerse yourself in the latest season's trends.


In New York, there's always something to do, no matter the time of day. Take advantage of your afternoon to visit historic sites such as Federal Hall and the African Burial Ground National Monument, which provide a unique perspective on the city's history.

Admire iconic symbols of the United States such as the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are numerous zoos and parks to explore, including the famous Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Garden, Wave Hill, and of course, Central Park, a popular jogging spot for hundreds of New Yorkers.

Additional Excursion Ideas in New York:

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Also known as "The Met," the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must-visit in New York. It boasts one of the world's richest collections of artworks, with over 2,000 permanent pieces, including works by Picasso and Matisse, exceptional pieces from Greek and Egyptian civilizations, and masterpieces of American art. Don't miss the rooftop garden, which offers breathtaking views of Central Park.

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA, houses one of the most impressive collections of modern art globally. Renovated by the Japanese architect Yoshio Taniguchi, the building itself is a work of art.

Boat Tour

The Circle Line, the most popular company for sightseeing tours in New York, offers various excursions around the city, including the three-hour "Full Island Cruise." This cruise allows you to explore Manhattan Island by sea, showcasing 25 of the most important sites such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge.

Sex and the City Tour

For die-hard fans of the series, don't miss this unique tour that takes you to the favorite spots of your beloved heroines. Knowledgeable guides will share all the secrets and behind-the-scenes stories of this cult series.

The New York of AILS

Here's an idea that can help you prepare for your trip or improve your English skills in New York: visit the website "We Are New York" (Practice English). This series of short films depicts the lives of immigrants in New York. The dialogue is deliberately slow-paced, making it understandable for students with a basic level of English. You can also download magazines related to the series, which include summaries of the stories and vocabulary related to the themes. Additionally, you can even sign up for conversation tables in New York! It's a fun way to practice your English while immersing yourself in the world

On a Language Trip to New York


8,405 milliond inhabitants


Metropolis, Ocean, Forests

Flight time

11 hours


New York City is located on the northeast coast of the United States, at the mouth of the Hudson River, and consists of around fifty islands. It is divided into 5 major boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens. The region has a climate characterized by distinct seasons: hot and humid summers that sometimes extend into early winter ("Indian summers"), sometimes very cold and often snowy winters, and two intermediate seasons that can be quite variable. Autumn is occasionally overshadowed by Indian summer, and spring is generally shorter but typically less hot than summer.

History & Culture

Before the arrival of Europeans, the New York bay area was inhabited by the Lenape Native Americans. It was discovered by the Italian navigator Giovanni da Verrazzano, who named it New Angoulême. It was later named New Amsterdam by the Dutch, who took possession of it in 1624, before finally being renamed New York by the English, who conquered it in 1664. Originally, the city's economic success stemmed from its strategic location, with close proximity to Europe's coast and at the mouth of the Hudson River, facilitating national and international trade that remains dynamic today. The city's economy is fueled by a diverse and significant industrial sector, ranging from printing to food processing to jewelry. Tourism is also a major factor in this city known for its high artistic and multicultural appeal.

Things to Do / See

From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge, New York is literally bursting with famous landmarks and vibrant, fascinating neighborhoods to explore. Visit Chinatown with its exotic shops and markets, Broadway with its renowned cabarets and theaters, or Soho with its upscale shopping streets. For lively evenings, don't miss Harlem, with its trendy jazz clubs and museums, or Chelsea, where abandoned factories have been beautifully transformed into lively galleries and nightclubs. And to relax in New York, there's nothing like an afternoon stroll or a picnic in Central Park between English classes!

City Tips

Your journeys in New York will be facilitated by a wide network of subways, buses, ferries, and urban trains. The Big Apple is also teeming with its famous yellow and black taxis at affordable rates: expect around $1 per kilometer compared to $2.60 in Geneva. The cost of living in the city is generally reasonable, with an average price of $56 for a meal for two at a standard-class restaurant, approximately $65 for a pair of standard Nike sneakers, and $43 for a pair of Levis 501 jeans.

The city's police force is efficient, and the neighborhoods are generally safe, although it is advised to avoid walking alone in parks and certain areas of the Bronx at night.

New York City Tourism Office:
608 5th Ave #202, New York, NY 10020, USA
Phone: +1 212 757 5944

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